10 Pasar Malam Foods to Try in Singapore

The street foods are the highlight of each pasar malam, and if you’re lucky enough to come across one during your time in Singapore, here are some pasar malam foods that locals can’t resist.

Roti John

Roti John is a popular snack made up of two halved slices of French loaves with onions, eggs, and minced mutton for toppings.

Prawn Vadai

Sometimes called Vadeh, these fried savoury flour snacks are usually topped with prawns and are absolutely worth the calories. Locals usually pair with it with green chilli – take a bite of the Vadai then a bite of the green chilli! Give it a try if you’re feeling adventurous!

Keropok Lekor

A traditional fish cracker snack, this is another must-try. You can opt for either the soft or crispy version, they both taste just as good!

Kebab Wrap

Kebab Wrap stations are always an interesting sight to look at. Marinated and grilled to perfection, the Kebab Wrap is a Middle Eastern meat wrap dish that found its way to pasar malams just a few years ago.

Taiwanese Sausages

Taiwan sausages are a common sight in pasar malams. Barbequed to perfection, these taste best slightly charred.

Herbal Eggs

Also known as Cha Ye Dan (tea leaf eggs) in Mandarin, these eggs are boiled in a medley of herbs, tea and spices, and left to simmer while the eggs absorb the flavour throughout the day. 

Kueh Tutu

Kueh Tutu are pretty little morsels of sweet goodness made from rice and glutinous flour. There are many choices of fillings such as shredded coconut, peanuts, brown sugar and even chocolate!

Sweet Corn

We’re guessing you’re no stranger to this, but walk along the food street of a pasar malam and you won’t miss the aroma of pasar malam steamed sweet corn. It comes in a cup, and you have the choice of eating it plain, or with salt and/or butter.

Muah Chee

Always prepared on the spot, muah chee is a type of cooked sticky rice dough coated with sugar, ground peanuts and sesame seeds.

Tapioca Kueh

As the name suggests, the Tapioca kueh is a pan-fried pancake made from Tapioca. Sticky, chewy and slightly sweet, it makes the perfect snack – and tastes especially delicious when it’s slightly burnt at the corners!

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