10 Singaporean Fashion Labels You Should Know

Also showcased in the 2015 Singapore Fashion Week were Singapore’s very own fashion designers and their labels.

Here are 10 Singaporean fashion labels you should know:

1.   Atelier Ong Shunmugam


16 Raffles Quay B1-36 Hong Leong Building Singapore 048581

Founded by fashion designer Priscilla Shunmugam, Ong Shunmugam showcases contemporary womenswear that simplifies sartorial creation fitting the modern woman. In 2010, the label launched their first ready-to-wear collection, Orientalism, and in September 2011 launched the first cheongsam collection under the Guardianship collection.

The fashion label is famous for chic state-of-the-art reworks of accustomed traditional Asian influences. Her famous work with the cheongsam hallmarked Ong Shunmugam in the fashion industry.

2.   Aijek

High quality materials, mainly silk and lace which represent sophistication, are a trademark of Danelle Woo’s works. Danelle created the fashion brand, Aijek in 2010 with the mindset of creating beautiful and elegant pieces with sustainable quality garments. The self-taught designer aims to fuse the mature woman with sexy and flirty timeless chic and easy-to-wear creations.

3.   Max.Tan

13 Stamford Road L2-15 Capitol Plaza Singapore 178905

“Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak.” This quote basically sums up Max Tan’s designs.

The fashion label represents Singapore’s edgiest womenswear fashion design. The genius experiments of cuts and disproportions provide an edgy and dark detail of captivating interest to fashionistas. Maximising the minimalistic concepts is a way of modern complexities to break fashion constraints of rules and papers. And that, Max Tan has tipped the jar for becoming an exceptionally fashion virtuoso.

4.   Jason Bythreesixfive

38 Dunlop Street Singapore 209366

Jason was started in 2011 by acclaimed fashion designer, JR Chan, targeting men who want to be edgy and stand out from the crowd. Their designs are outwardly showcasing high-end tailored cuts, exaggerated details and unconventional prints but remain extremely wearable.

5.   Veira

RIVET in Penang at 6 L6-02a Gurney Paragon Mall Gurney Drive 10250

SKYRoom at 84 Haji Lane Singapore 189273

If you’re looking for an affordable arm candy, then this is the right fashion label. Veira is a famous vintage-inspired fashion handbags dynasty that provides inventive and uncanny statements, smooth texture and vibrant colour ranges.

6.   By Invite Only

80 Playfair Road Block A #02-05C Singapore 367998

By Invite Only founder, Trixie Khong, has taught herself to share the value of an accessory for different occasions. Inspired by the Victorian era fused with modern aesthetics, the accessory style label has crawled its way to the fashion industry’s heart.

7.   Yumumu

Using contrasting fabrics, colours and textures, Yumumu is a unique fashion brand to look out for. This womenswear brand, founded by Lu Yilin, targets the modern woman of intelligence and simplicity. Known for its symmetrical design and collaged construction, the label promotes the universality of plains and prints. Their designs are straightforward yet wearable.

8.   Lion Earl

From the creative minds of designer Lionel and architect Hariz, comes the brainchild that is Lion Earl. This blended fashion label is said to be the future of Singapore’s fashion. The lines are undeniably trendy and elegant and constructed to be minimally unconventional.

9.   Emblem

Women are in an endless search for the perfect flats that are stunning and most importantly, comfortable. Emblem provides classic flats that are both lovely and easy on the feet.

10.  Mash-Up

Superspace 277 Orchard Road #02-18 Orchard Gateway Singapore 238895

W.E. Workshop Elemet 313 Orchard Road #03-01/02 Singapore 238895

Pop culture has never been this more colourful with the introduction of new and rising fashion label, Mash-Up. With influences from the independent street fashionista to the fusion of ethnic heritage, the label has completely fluttered its way to fashion stardom.

Drawing from the genius minds of Daniel Monasterios Tan, Nathanael Ng and Shaf Amis’aabudin, Mash-Up is the fun mix of music, fashion and youth revolution. Coined from the new term in music, the fashion brand is fairly of the same nature – its fusion of old traditions to the modern era. They have introduced the popular concept of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) that is the constructing of self and inspired techniques like embroidery, not from scratch but the innovation and creation of new stories and lifestyle. 

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