Coffeemin - Eat, Work, Play and Rest to Your Heart's Content

Pool table? Check.
Xbox and board games? You’ve got it.
Desktops for gaming? Sure!
Free flow of Arabica coffee, other hot beverages, soft drinks, and cookies? Yes.
High-speed Wi-Fi? Why, of course!

And the best thing? Everything is free at Coffeemin– except for the time you spend there.

Short for a “coffee minute”, Coffeemin is believed to be Asia’s first time café. This fresh concept was built in hopes that “everyone will have time for a coffee minute every now and then to socialise with their friends.”

Customers only have to pay S$6 for the first hour and S$1 for every subsequent 10-minute block. S$30 pays for a full day in the time cafe. Coffeemin also provides unlimited power supply, books, magazines, sofas, tables, and a presentation screen.

With such a wide variety of entertainment selections, Coffeemin lets you make the most of its wallet-friendly charges. 


What is Coffeemin?
Coffeemin is a brand new concept where customers are free to hang around “as long as they respect the space and other people in it”. If you’ve ever sat down in a cafe with a drink and felt like you’ve overstayed your welcome, this is the perfect hangout for you. Really, it’s like being at home, only with more entertainment choices.

How exactly does it work?
It’s really simple. All you have to do is to pay a deposit of S$30 (alternatively, you can deposit your membership card). You will then receive a check-in card indicating your check-in time. When you’re ready to leave, return your card and you’re done!

1. Pay a deposit of S$30
2. Receive your check-in card
3. Ready to leave? Return your card to check out.


Upon stepping into Coffeemin at The Central, you’ll be charmed by the homey vibes it gives off. According to Mr Jonathan Ye, co-founder of Coffeemin, the interior is deliberately mismatched, much like how our homes are when new furniture is added on over time. “The intention is for our customers to visualise this as something that they can actually see at home, thus making it comfortable for them to stay for long.” he adds.

Check out the layout of the room. Eclectic and mismatched on purpose to give a sense of comfort.  

The Appeal
So… as with all new concepts, what is the draw of a time cafe like this? With free flow of snacks, drinks comfy and cool entertainment, there really isn’t much more to ask for. Like the team behind this brilliant new concept says, Coffeemin is the perfect treehouse, a home away from home. “Patrons are free to do whatever they want, be it playing games, reading a magazine, chilling out with their snacks and drinks, when they feel like doing it.”

Comfy sofas where customers can play Xbox games to their hearts’ content. Grab a bite or quench your thirst with free flow of drinks and cookies from the counter behind anytime! 

Hang out with your friends over a game of pool.


Sit back, relax, and Curl up with a good book or magazine. The co-owners are also planning to stock up on the latest DVD movies for customers to enjoy.


Security issues? No problem, the ever-conscientious team of young entrepreneurs has it covered. “We register every customer and have CCTV within our shops, so hopefully this deters the bad guys!” A home away from home, indeed. But really, do take care of your personal belongings.

More in store…
That’s not all. The team is always on the lookout for exciting new additions to their cafes. Plans for their new outlet at Suntec City include Kinect, Wii and dart boards. And the highlight? This new outlet will sport a Mediterranean-inspired theme, so if you’re a fan of white, blue, and Santorini, watch this space for updates! With a capacity of 60 people, Coffeemin caters to private events too. Whether it’s a meeting, gathering or bachelorette party, just book a slot in advance!

The Verdict
With a huge selection of entertainment, you are spoilt for choice. We don’t think one hour is enough – look, there’s free Wifi, Xbox Games, coffee machines, pool table, computers, movies, so much more! Best of all, Table hogging is no issue here, because at Coffeemin, patrons pay for their time. Considering an hour in Coffeemin costs the same as an average cup of café beverage, it’s worth a try! 

So go on, visit Coffeemin, make yourself at home and enjoy a cuppa. Indulge in a few rounds of pool, immerse yourself in a good book, or just hang out with some friends without worrying that you’ve overstayed your welcome. You can even hop on down to LockDown.SG (another fresh concept owned by the co-founders of Coffeemin) for an Escape Room experience before or after your chill-out session!



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