Healthier Choices for Local Foods

With the holiday season just around the corner, try out these healthier choices before indulging in party frenzy:

Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo is a traditional Hakka Chinese food that mainly contains healthy ingredients of tofu mixed and filled with either a fish paste (surimi) or minced meat. This low calorie meal will jumpstart your way to healthy living through a non-cholesterol, and high protein, iron and calcium diet.

Sliced Fish Soup

Best served hot, sliced fish soup is a very famous healthy indulgence in Singapore. Again, there are many variants to the style of cooking in restaurants but the facts remain the same: they have a very tasty and healthy ingredients. Commonly cooked to a boil with fish heads or fish slices, they are usually mixed with water, oil, milk, vegetables, yam and sometimes fruits.

Vegetarian Food

You can never go wrong in choosing vegetables for a healthy diet. Soba salads are very famous in Singapore with its richness in taste and texture. With a balanced grated mixture of carrots, beetroot and white radish are the usual suspects of creating a good soba salad coupled with some marinated tempeh and avocado slices with a final touch of Asian dressings, which makes your vegetarian meals perfect. There are also a lot of vegetarian choices among restaurants and even a do-it-yourself home cooking that’s healthy for you and your family.

Fresh Juice

After the bubble tea craze in Asia, fruit juices are rising to its climax with stores opening here and there. The health benefits fruit juices possess is a long list. Once fruits are juiced, they change into a liquid form that makes them concentrated oozing with nutrients. And in this form, they are better absorbed in our bodies. Fruit juices are beneficiary from being an antioxidants to recent studies of anticancer properties.

Soya Bean Milk

Soya bean milk has been a global healthy dietary option. The process takes by soaking dried soybeans then grinding the resulting product in water. The emulsion will produce a high protein milk comparable to a cow’s milk. The soy milk has little saturated fat and nil cholesterol compared to a cow’s milk. One of the great benefits soy milk has is that it is lactose-free!


Porridge has been a breakfast choice for most healthy conscious folks. This is best served hot from boiled grounded grain in milk or water. Porridges are easy to digest and can easily be made while you can add some favour to it or some syrup to sweeten your day. They have been proven to be a good breakfast and convenient meal either you’re an athlete in training or sick. Porridges are basically high energy meals.


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