Valentine’s Day Ideas, Off the Beaten Path

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to plan a special date for two again. Have you got the perfect date planned? If you’re thinking of doing something out of the ordinary this year, you’re in luck, because we’ve put together some fresh ideas for you!


Rent a Yacht

Level up the typical dinner date by chartering a yacht. A private cruise in the gleaming ocean away from civilisation sounds simply divine, doesn’t it? There’s nothing like the clear, calm, and peaceful draw of the sea to get you into the mood for love. Yachtcharter.SG has a fleet of yachts catering to diverse needs and capacities, and you get to enjoy activities like diving, sunset cruise, and private dining. One15 Marina offers private cruises on Singapore waters, and if time permits and you’re feeling adventurous, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Perfect for a weekend getaway!

Singapore Flyer

Spoil your loved one silly on this special occasion with a luxurious sky dining experience. Dinner in a spacious capsule atop of a giant observation wheel with a magnificent view of the city’s vibrant night scene and spectacular night lights? It gets better. This year, as the night unfolds, indulge in a sky dining experience at the Singapore Flyer with a new four-course menu, wine pairing options, personalised butler service! Introduced by The Singapore Flyer as the world’s first full butler sky dining flight, this is going to be a memorable date.

Couple Cooking Class

Instead of the same old dinner date, this Valentine’s Day, take a cooking class together and bond over cooking tips and new recipes during the hands-on lessons. You’ll get enjoy the fruits of your combined labour, enjoy the quality time spent together, and who knows, perhaps unleash your hidden talents and create many more romantic meals in the days to come. So, put on those aprons and chef hats and get cookin’!

Check out schools which offer cooking and baking classes and see which one tickles your fancy!
Cooking Class Singapore 

Ice Skating

Whisk your sweetheart off to a date at the rink. Even if you aren’t a good skater, you’re going to have tons of fun just trying. First date? No problem. This is a perfect way to connect with your date. Kallang Ice World, the skating rink at Marina Bay Sands and The Rink all offer wallet-friendly admission and rental rates.

Sing your Hearts Out

If you’re looking for a fancy Karaoke hangout, head out to K-Suites. Furnished with plush sofas, the premium rooms are where you can entertain yourselves with game consoles like the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii while giving your vocal chords a break. While you’re there, you can indulge in a delightful meal from food combos like the Weekend Brunch and Romantic Gourmet Dining sets. K Suites offers a full-fledged bar with a great variety of drinks as well.

GX5 Extreme Swing and G-Max Reverse Bungy

Adrenaline junkies, take note! If you’re looking for something REALLY different, this is for you. Gear up for some heart-stopping fun as you soar into the city skyline in the G-Max Reverse Bungy at thrilling speeds of up to 200 km per hour, reaching a height of 60 metres. If you prefer free-falling instead of catapulting into the sky, try the GX-5 Extreme swing and feel yourself hurtling across the Singapore River at speeds of up to 125km per hour. How better to bond than to enjoy an exhilarating, adrenaline- pumped experience together? If this isn’t out-of-the-box and unforgettable, we don’t know what is.

Sky Dining on Singapore Cable Car

Want to feel closer to the stars on your Valentine’s date? How about a romantic dinner for two in the sky? Brought to you by The Jewel Box, Sky Dining lets you do just that. Be awed by the 360-degree bird’s eye view of the city, harbor, and Sentosa as you dine in cable cars above the sea while overlooking Singapore’s picturesque landscape. If you like, bring the novelty factor up a notch by booking a floral cable car. It’ll be just like dining in a garden up in the sky – simply magical.

Field Trip!

Last minute plans? Don’t fret! Singapore may be a concrete jungle, but remember, we’re well-known for being clean and green. Tremendous effort has been made to preserve nature spots around the island. Be it a picnic in Botanical Gardens, cycling adventure in Pulau Ubin, relaxing stroll along Henderson Bridge, or enjoying the sunset while sipping cocktails on one of Sentosa’s sandy beaches, you’ll definitely enjoy yourselves, because with the right company, any date will be a date to remember.


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