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September Events 2016

From the glitz and glamour of the F1 weekend to charity walks benefiting marginalised communities; posh afternoon teas celebrating Jane Austen, one of the most…

July Events 2016

Music, theatre, food, history, religion and science – whatever your interest is, there’s something on for you this month!

Events in June 2016

June marks one of the major school holidays of the Singaporean school calendar, so there’s plenty of kid-friendly activities going on this month – perfect…

Events in May 2016

More exciting events await this May! Discover little known facets of Singapore’s history, watch a blockbuster musical, laugh at local comedy and spend time with…

Events in April 2016

April is a sensory month, with gastronomic, visual, aural and tactile treats. From food to fashion to film, the most vibrant and celebratory events await.

Events in March 2016

International artistes, art exhibitions, side-splitting humour, festivals and more await this month, with method in the March madness ensuring you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Events in December 2015

Everyone dreams of a White Christmas with Santa Claus skiing through the sky and surprising you with a fancifully wrapped present at your doorstep (If…

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