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Asian cuisine


Kung Pao

Visit a few Chinese restaurants to sample the differences in regional cooking styles. If you like it simple and light, try Cantonese fare. This style highlights the natural sweetness of ingredients without too much seasoning. Dim sum (steamed dishes served in bamboo baskets) is a favourite lunch option with Cantonese fare lovers. Those unfamiliar with the pushcart trolley method of serving customers will find it refreshing. For diners who favour hot and spicy flavours, Sichuan cuisine is recommended. The classic kung pao dish of fried chicken with Sichuan red peppercorns, chilli peppers and peanuts embody the fiery traits of Sichuan fare. Try to use chopsticks to experience dining the traditional Chinese way.


Roti Prata

Don’t miss out on Indian cuisine too. For a truly hands-on experience use your right hand to handle food – only your right, hand or you will be committing a serious faux pas. Feast on North Indian cuisine’s range of breads like naan served with dips, or the fiery rice-based South Indian meals. The curries of these regions differ as the main ingredients of curry powder, chilli seeds, curd and milk are used to different degrees. Wash everything down with lassi, a yoghurt drink that comes in sweet or salty variations.


Nasi Lemak

Like Indonesian cuisine, Malay fare is generally rich in spices and coconut milk. With condiments like sambal (chilli paste), belacan (dried shrimp paste pounded with chillies) and assam jawa (tamarind paste), the food is enlivened with spicy, sweet and sour flavours.

Thai, Korean and Japanese


Thai, Korean and Japanese fare are also readily available in town. You get to taste the traditional dishes of many cultures just by visiting Singapore. Wondering about the difference between Thai and Indian curries? Peanuts and local herbs such as lemongrass, and parts of kaffir lime give Thai curry its fragrance. Don’t simply take our word for it – try it. Favourites include tom yum goong, a sour and spicy soup that looks deceptively clear; bi bim bap, where a variety of vegetables, beef, and a spicy sauce is spread over rice; and fresh sushi. Culturally themed restaurants have also opened, such as the Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Foodies would regret not sampling the array of Asian cuisines or local favourites so conveniently located in one country.

Western Cuisine

Western cuisine has burgeoned in the Singapore culinary scene recently. Local chefs have jumped on the bandwagon to offer foreign dishes that have a huge following here. For example, there are presently more restaurants and new eateries serving an array of pasta dishes. Restaurants helmed by internationally-recognised chefs have made an entrance into the local scene. Whether it’s German, French or Italian cuisine, visitors are assured of the same flavourful spreads from their home countries.


Italian Pizza

Italian cuisine is extremely popular with Singaporeans; even coffee shops offer signature Italian dishes such as pastas and Sicilian pizzas or Roman thin-crusted pizzas. Make no mistake, some of these chefs have been trained overseas, and the standard of Italian cuisine at less swanky establishments is no less than those served in restaurants.


American Burger

If it’s good ol’ American fare you wish to have, there are many cafes in shopping malls that can satisfy your cravings. For a heartland dining experience, visit Botak Jones for affordably priced yet sizeable Western meals.

Other Western Dishes

Swedish Pancake

Whether it’s Cajun and Creole fare, German sauerkrauts or Swedish pancakes, flip through the directory for listings on where these hearty dishes can be found. If you’d like to chill out at a comfortable coffee joint, you can be confident that a plethora of international brands like Spinelli’s and Starbucks have set up outlets in this island to welcome you. Whichever country you may be from, Singapore caters for the international audience by offering you a taste of foreign cultures or the familiar taste of home.


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