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Local Games, Local Lives

As part of the SG50 celebrations this year, a fund was set up specially for projects submitted by Singaporeans and Singapore companies. Some of the successfully funded projects include - *drumroll* - mobile games! Available from 1 July on the App Store and Google Play for free, check out these five games for little doses of local trivia, quirks and fun on the go.

KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga by Mojocat

Kan-cheong is a Singaporean term meaning nervous, harried or uptight. The kopitiam is, of course, the ubiquitous coffee shop. A collection of mini-games, KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga reflects the unique culture of the Singapore kopitiam. One of the mini-games, for instance, will have players rushing to their cars to add parking coupons when the carpark warden or “summon auntie” appears. (Before the proliferation of automatic electronic payment systems, parking fees in public carparks were paid by pre-buying coupons and using them as needed. Attempting to underpay by not using the necessary number of coupons was common, leading to antics such as rushing to place the appropriate coupons once a traffic warden was sighted to avoid fines. Although such incidents are rarer now, you might still be able to spot this happening!)

Building The Lion by Swag Soft

Learn about Singapore’s significant buildings, personages, food and games in this colourful, 3D board game. From the historical Tang Plaza on Orchard Road to the ultramodern Marina Bay Sands, and first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to the first non-human Special Tourism Ambassador, orangutan Ah Meng, Building the Lion is filled with interesting bits of history, trivia and cultural knowledge. As you progress in this game, you can build not only iconic architecture but also set up your own restaurant and uncover more and more information.

My Singapore City by Ixora Studios

Another city builder, My Singapore City is a fast-paced tile-matching memory game. After completing each stage, you will discover new landmarks which you can place wherever you want, creating your very own virtual Singapore. From Singapore’s pre-colonial history through its colonisation and independence, journey through time to discover how Singapore overcame war and tumultuous politics to become the city it is today. You can even challenge your friends in multiplayers memory battles in this game.

Rickshaw Rush by Mojo Forest

A game filled with adorable sprites, you play as a rickshaw driver who has to ferry different characters to their destinations. The characters come from all walks of life, and feature some of the most significant characters of Singapore. They include names every Singaporean will know such as Singapore’s first President Yusof Ishak, but also highlight less well-known persons such as Lee Han Seng, the winner of the first Singapore Grand Prix held in 1966!

Satay Club by Afzainizam Zahari

If you haven’t tried satay yet, what are you waiting for? Skewers of marinated beef, mutton or chicken are grilled over charcoal and served with slices of cucumbers, raw onions and a delicious peanut sauce. The Satay Club was an open air food centre with many hawkers selling their own take on satay. Singaporeans who remember visiting the original Satay Club proclaim that the satay there was the best in the region! It’s amidst this backdrop of fierce rivalry and standards that you will set up your own stall at the virtual Satay Club, and work your way to success.

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