Pint & Curries – The Beer and Curry Gastro-bar

 The team was invited to another food tasting session and we can't wait to tell you about it! Pint & Curries is a hip new casual beer and curry gastro-bar, featuring the specialty kitchen offspring from Bar Bar Black Sheep. They serve delectable North Indian and Thai curries, Tandoori items, ciders, and both draft and craft beers. Favorites from the popular chain’s menus now condensed into a new location at Clarke Quay, the center of Singapore’s nightlife scene.

Photo credit: Pints & Curries


Like the name suggests, you can look forward to a vast selection of food and beverage choices at Pint & Curries. You might then be overwhelmed by the many choices and start to wonder which beer goes best with which curry. Well, wonder no more, because Pint and Curries just launched its beer pairing menu.

The Beer Pairing Menu is ideal for people who don’t know what dishes go best with their beers and vice versa. All you have to do is to choose your favourite beer or curry, and refer to the menu for a recommendation on the perfect complement. Not a beer person? No problem! Non-alcoholic drinks such as homemade ice lemon tea, soft drinks and mineral water are available.

Photo credit: Pint & Curries

  Photo credit: Pints & Curries


Butter Chicken

Introduced as a “Bar Bar Black Sheep” favourite, the Butter Chicken (S$12) doesn’t disappoint.  The combination of butter cream, tomatoes and masala results in a luscious curry that is savoury and not overwhelmingly spicy. Served piping hot, the chicken is rich in flavour – as if like the chicken had been thoroughly marinated, and then grilled or barbequed before simmering in curry.


Chicken Korma

Served piping hot as well, the Chicken Korma (S$12) is chicken and potatoes served in non-spicy gravy. Make sure you pair it with the naan or pappadum – the creaminess may get a tad overwhelming if eaten on its own.


Chicken 65

The Chicken 65 (S$9) is another hot favourite. Think popcorn chicken - with a twist.  Deep fried with more spices than you can count, this is the perfect bar snack.  It’s not spicy as it appears, and has a strong salty aftertaste. Eat it while it’s hot.


As with most Asian cuisine, we love our carbohydrates. Here, you get to choose between rice (saffron, basmati, white) and naan. Freshly baked on-site, Pint and Curries’ naan (S$3 – S$4.50) is good enough to eat on its own. We loved the cheese and garlic naan (plain, garlic and cheese are available too). Served warm, the aroma itself could make your mouth water. Just one piece isn’t enough!


The pappadum (S$2.90) is slightly more expensive than the typical run-of-the-mill types you get from provision shops, but take it from us – it’s worth it. We loved how it stayed crisp even after being left in the open for a while. Thicker than your usual pappadum and fried to perfection, this one packs a punch. Scoop up your curry with this yummy snack and then mop it up with the naan – mmm.



 Prominently situated beside Hooters and the famous Turkish ice cream stall, Pints & Curries is an open-concept restobar with beer of all kinds displayed on the shelves.  Simple and unpretentious with minimal frills, it is a great spot to unwind in after a long day’s work.  However, like most outdoor bars along that stretch, it isn’t the ideal place to hold serious conversations as the noise from the speakers and the crowd can reach insane decibels at times.


The chicken comes in bite-sized pieces, so you don’t have to worry about accidental splatters on your party outfits. Besides being friendly on your wallet, Pint & Curries has a no-service-charge policy, so that’s an easy 10% off your bill.

Open from 7pm to 4am daily, Pint & Curries is perfect if you’re looking for a pre or post party hangout to line your stomachs with international curries or finger food. Its outdoor gastro-bar concept also makes it great for after-hours chill-out sessions with friends over good food, beer and football (there are two plasma TVs for you to catch match screenings).

Photo credit: Pint & Curries


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